Why Reputation?

Building the foundations of a new wealth system

Reputation Currencies play an important role in distributed economics. As explained by the Metacurrency project, such currencies operate radically differently to monetary ones. But they work well when validating different kinds of value, such as the potential of an agent in a specific context, or when predicting specific human behaviour based on past history.

A few fundamental principles to be honoured while building with reputation currencies are articulated in the blog below.

Sacred Capital's infrastructure facilitates network effects for reputation currencies. In the long run, this fosters a wealth system, that doesn't need overarching consensus to operate. Think of it as distributed, agent-centric fabric that underpins interactions in distributed networks.

The benefits of using such a wealth system lie in it's ability to validate a broader spectrum of value, enable communities to self-organise without the need for 'inclusion' of any sort and in the long run provide a sense of sufficiency to humans without having to resort to monetary currencies in every situation.

More conversations about Reputation, and the role it plays in newer economic paradigms can found in conversations on our events page.

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