Environment Setup

  1. Install the holochain dev environment (only nix-shell is required):

  2. Enable Holochain cachix with:

nix-env -iA cachix -f
cachix use holochain-ci
  1. Clone this repo and cd inside of it.

  2. Enter the nix shell by running this in the root folder of the repository:

This will install all the needed dependencies in your local environment, including holochain, hc and npm.

Run all the other instructions in this README from inside this nix-shell, otherwise they won't work.

Bootstrapping a network

Create a whole network of nodes connected to each other and their respective UIs with.

Substitute the "3" for the number of nodes that you want to bootstrap in your network.

This will also bring up the Holochain Playground for advanced introspection of the conductors.

Running an agent

If you only want to run a single conductor and a UI connected to it:

To run another agent, open another terminal, and execute again:

Each new agent that you create this way will get assigned its own port and get connected to the other agents.

Running the DNA tests

Building the DNA


To package the web happ:

You'll have the sensemaker_happ.webhapp in workdir. This is what you should distribute so that the Holochain Launcher can install it.

You will also have its subcomponent sensemaker_happ.happ in the same folder`.


This repository is using this tooling:

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